It’s that time of year again folks

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            Breathe in that beautiful smog congested air and say hello to the sun (but don’t stare, it’s rude) because summer has returned, with its bling bright days and lazy nights, ready to be enjoyed from the beaches to the mountains. With everyone shedding their winter coats to show some skin, the right clothes can make or break that perfect moment. Whether you’re looking for love in all the right places, getting ready for fun sun festivals or you’re just trying to desperately get your family dressed to go to the beach, here at TopHeadwear we’ve got you covered.


            We sought out the best, most fashionable children clothing that we could also offer at a fair price. Take for instance one of our new items, the Infant’s Baseball Cap, the hat of choice for keeping the sun's harmful rays out of your child's eyes. Most importantly it’s affordable so you don’t have to feel bitter when your kids outgrow it, lose it or otherwise destroy it in spectacular fashion as kids are prone to do. Besides, they’ll look adorable clapping and giggling for the team.



            While most would see the beanie as a winter only item, the truth is that the versatile beanie has numerous ways of being worn, so don't stuff it into the closet with all your winter wear just yet! While summer is the domain of sunhat, once that sun has set the night can get quite a bit chilly. This is where the TopHeadwear slouchy beanie comes into play: During the day just keep it in your purse, glove compartment or back pocket until night falls. Then lightly pull it on to give you that careless panache, or cuff your beanie with enough room on top so you can tuck it back to give you some flair.


            Keep a lookout for future deals and events here at TopHeadwear, we've always got something going on.

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